Our Philosophy

Fafá Island is one pearl in the chain of 12 offshore islands north of Nuku‘alofa, the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga. When we first set foot on this palm covered uninhabited island with shimmering white sandy beaches, its turquoise lagoon surrounded by a coral reef with magnificent coral and colourful fish we committed ourselves to keep the natural beauty of this tropical paradise alive.

Developing the resort we found the perfect symbiosis between the natural environment and the modern requirements of a demanding clientele. The resort is confined only to 13 bungalows and due to its traditional and close to nature design it incorporates the dream of everybody‘s Robinson Crusoe hideaway.

The bungalows are hardly visible from the shores of the island and the resort never gives the impression of being a “built” estate, instead facilities appear as a minor add-on to the island. Staying in the bungalows, built in traditional style and materials, is a unique experience of accommodation.
The use of solar energy, natural ventilation and a controlled system of energy consumption underlines our commitment to an unspoiled environment. Not even a wharf for boarding intrudes the sandy beaches nor does Fafá Island Resort permit petrol-engine based water sports.

Fafá Island Resort appeals to the upmarket eco tourism clientele which prefers to spend the holidays in unspoiled places but want to enjoy at the same time high quality facilities, comfort and service. Its exclusiveness and its primitive luxury makes it a definite honeymoon destination.