Daytrips to islands beyond the horizon

There are many small, uninhabited islands waiting for you to satisfy your island dreams. Fafá Island Resort offers a day trip in the direction of the horizon, sometimes with speed over the blue ocean and sometimes cruising carefully through the coral gardens and finally arriving on an island completely for yourself.
Here you can swim, snorkel, collect seashells or explore the island. For the hungry castaway a picnic is waiting under a palm tree and you can drink a freshly opened coconut just harvested from the next coconut tree. Late afternoon the boat returns to Fafá Island, leaving you with memorable images of an unforgettable island day.

Daytrips to the main island

As Fafá Island Resort is only 30 minutes by boat away from the main island Tongatapu, it is the ideal location to explore the main island. You jump on our motor sailor, which operates up to 4 times a day between Fafá Island and Tongatapu. On your way through the villages and plantations you can experience the day-to-day life. You may – with some luck – run into a Tongan feast with traditional singing and dancing.
A must are the Blow Holes, Captain Cook‘s Landing Place, the colonies of flying foxes (which you also can see on Fafá Island), the Royal Palace, and for those interested in archaeology, the Ha`amonga Trilithon and the Royal Tombs in Langhi.
You may also have a rest on one of the many lonely beaches.
On Sundays you may attend a church service and listen to the beautiful voices of the church choirs. If you book an organised Sunday Tour with us, a Tongan family invites you for lunch where you experience the traditional Umu (food from the earth oven).